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HD: Hardcover
Authentication of Ancient Chinese Ceramics Anthoy J.Allen PB 680  
Allen's Authentication of later Chiese Porcelain 222 Anthoy J.Allen PB 750  
Allen's Antique Chinese Porcelain The Detection of Fakes - Anthoy J.Allen PB 750  
Blue and White Porcelain From the Tianminlou Collection   (C/E) 230   HB 760  
Bright as Silver White as Snow: chinese White Ceramics from Late Tang to Yuan Dynasty  C/E 208 Kai Yin Lo PB 500  
Blue & White - Chinese Porcelain Around the World 208 John Carswell HB595  
Brush & Clay 95 Robert Ferris PB  500  
Ceramic Art of The World (10) Chinese Prehistoric and Ancient Periods (E/J) 352   HB 1,690  
Ceramic Art of The World (11) Sui and Tang Dynasties   (E/J) 350   HB 1,690  
Ceramic Art of The World (12) Sung Synasty   (E/J) 368   HB 1,690  
Ceramic Art of The World (13) Liao, Chin and Yuan Dynasties (E/J) 356   HB 1,690  
Ceramic Art of The World (14) Ming Dynasty (E/J) 368   HB 1,690  
Ceramic Art of The World (15) Ching Dynasty (E/J) 368   HB 1,690  
Ceramic Evolution in the Middle Ming Period (C/E) 48 Rosmary Scott PB    150  
Ceramics: East Meets West (E) 40 Patricia Bovey PB     60  
Ceramic Form: Design & Decoration (Revised Edition) 256 Peterlane HB 450  
Chinese Art of the Warring States Period 202 Thomas Lawton PB 350  
Chinese Blue and White Porcelian 236 Duncan Macintosh HB  360  
Chinese Ceramics (Vol.1) (C/E) 256 Fujio Koyama HB  650  
Chinese Copper Red Wares 96 E. Scott PB  140  
Chinese Glazes 280 Nigel Wood HB 900  
Collection of Ancient Chinese Porcelain Treaures (C/E) 315   HB  480  
Copeland Collection 287 William R. Sargent PB  350  
Chinese Potter, the 288 Margaret Medley PB 255  
Chinese Pottery and Porcelain: From Prehistory to the Present   Vaniker PB 255  
Dehua Wares (C/E) 148   PB  160  
Discovery of Ru Kiln A Famous Song-Ware Kiln of China 132 Wang Qingzheng HB 300
PB  250
Earth, Fire and Water: Chinese Ceramic Technology-A Handbook for Non-specialists 64 Stacey Pierson PB 170  
Elegant from and Harmonious Decoration -- Four Dynasties of Jingdezhen Porcelain 178 Rosemary E.Scott HB504  
Elegant Vessels for the Lofty Pavilion --The Zande LouGift of Porcelain with Studio Marks  (C/E) 76 Peter Y. K. Lam HB 180  
For The Imperial Court 160 Posemary E. Sott PB 415  
Guanyao And Minyao Porcelain of Ten Qing Emperors 47 Christopher Knapton PB 220  
Hare's Fur, Tortoiseshell, and Partidge Feathers - Chinese Brown and Black Glazed Ceramics, 400-1400 280 - PB 280  
Handbook of marks on Chinese Ceramics 197 Gerald davison HB 500  
Helen D. Linh Collection of Chinese Ceramics 92 Jason C. Kuo PB 300  
Hong Kong Ceramics 1985-1995 195 Tsang Chu Chris PB 240  
Illustrated Catalogue of : Ming Polychrome Wares 39 Margaret Medley  PB 110  
Joined Colors -- Decoration and Meaning in Chinese Porcelain 160 Laurence Tam HB 508
PB  235
Kangxi Porcelain Wares 236   HB 980
PB  780
Kangxi-Yongzheng-Qianlong, Qing Porcelain from the Palace Museum Collection (C/E) 468   PB 1800  
Kraak Porcelain -- A Moment in the History of Trade 256 Maura Rinaldi HB 1180  
Legacy of Chenghua C/E 339 Liu Xinyuan HB 600  
Li Zhiyan and Cheng Wen Chinese Pottery and Porcelain 217 Li Zhiyan HB  550  
Marvels of Celadon: The Shang Shan Tang Collection of Yaozhou Wares 320 Rose Kerr, Regina Krahl, Li Baoping, Lu Chenglong, Tao Wang, Wang Xiaomeng, Nigel Wood PB 500
Netsuke Collection of the Peabody Museum Of Salem 153 Lisa A. Edwards PB 195  
New Light on Chinese YueLongquan Wares 408 - PB 200  
Passion of Collecting : The Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong 25th Anniversary Exhibition C/E 219 Chun Tong Yeung PB 300  
Philadelphia 1949 Exhibtion of Ming Blue-and-White 176 H.F.Collins PB 360  
Porcelain Masterpieces From The Deshantang Family Collection - PB 350  
Porcelains of Jaingdezhen 256 Rosemary E. Scott PB 425  
Rare Marks on Chinese Ceramics 182 Ming Wilson HB 680  
Seventeen Century Chinese Porcelain from the Butler Family Collection 208 Margaret Medley PB 250  
Shiwan Ceramics: Beauty, Color, and Passion 109 Fredrikke S. Scollard PB 280  
Shiwan Wares(C/E) 428   HB 240  
Song Ceramics From The Kwan Collection  C/E 453 Simon Kwan HB 230 Out of stock
Sotheby's Hong Kong Twenty Years 451   HB 1000  
Spirit of Han 190   HB 550  
Straits Chinese Porcelain: A Collector's Guide 144 Ho Wing Meng HB 565  
Studies in Chinese Ceramics 186 Cheng Te-K'un HB 205  
Sung Ceramic Designs 432 Jan Wirgin HB 468  
Survey of Chinese Ceramics I: Early Wares, Prehistoric to Tenth Century (C/E) 288 Liu Liang-yu HB 1,750  
Survey of Chinese Ceramics II: Sung Synasty Porcelain (C/E) 380 Liu Liang-yu HB 1,750  
Survey of Chinese Ceramics III: Liao, Hsi-Hsia, Chin & Yuan Wares (C/E) 300 Liu Liang-yu HB 1,750  
Survey of Chinese Ceramics IV: Ming Official Wares (C/E) 308 Liu Liang-yu HB 1,750  
Survey of Chinese Ceramics V: Ching Offical and Popular Wares (C/E) 320 Liu Liang-yu HB 1,750  
Tsui Museum of Art - Ceramics I (C/E) 230 - HB 800  
Tsui Museum of Art - Ceramics IV ( C/E ) 230 - HB 800  
Underglaze Blue & Red --Elegant Decoration on Porcelain of Yuan, Ming and Qing (C/E) 280 Wang Qingzheeng HB 680
PB 580 


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Whole Set


34 X 27cm / Total 34 Vols /Hard Back/$1,320.00 per vol

Vol. 1 Earthenware of Prehistoric Societies
Vol. 2 Ceramics of the Shang and Zhou Periods
Vol. 3 Ceramics Figurines of the Qin and Han Dynasties 1984

Vol. 4 Yue Ware of Zhejiang 1981

Vol. 5 Ou, Wu and Deqing Ware of Zhejiang
Vol. 6 Early White Pocelain
Vol. 7 Three-colour Ware of the Tang Dynasty 1983

Vol. 8 Changsha Ware of Hunan 1982

Vol. 9 Ding Ware 1981

Vol. 10 Yaozhou Ware of Shaanxi 1985

Vol. 11 Ru, Guan and Ge Ware
Vol. 12 Jun Ware of Henan 1983

Vol. 13 Cizhou Ware of Henan and Hebei
Vol. 14 Longquan Ware of Zhejiang
Vol. 15 Jizhou Ware of Jiangxi 1986

Vol. 16 Song and Yuan Dynasty Qing-bai Porcelain 1984

Vol. 17 Ceramics of the Liao Period in Liaoning 1986

Vol. 18 Qinghau Porcelain from Jingdezhen of Jiangxi
Vol. 19 Folk Qinghau Porcelain from Jingdezhen of Jiangxi

Vol. 20 Coloured Porcelain from Jingdezhen of Jiangxi
Vol. 21 Painted Porcelain from Jingdezhen of Jiangxi

Vol. 22 Liu-li from Shanxi
Vol. 23 Purple Pottery Yi-xing of Jiangsu 1982

Vol. 24 Shiwan Ware of Guangdong 1982

Vol. 25 Sichuan Ceramics
Vol. 26 Guangdong Ceramics 1982

Vol. 27 Fujian Ceramics 1983

Vol. 28 Shanxi Ceramics 1984

Vol. 29 Yunnan Ceramics 1985

Vol. 30 Liling Ware of Hunan 1981

Vol. 31 Tangshan WaLiling Ware of Hunan 1981

Vol. 32 Zibo Ceramics of Shandong
Vol. 33 Guangxi Ceramics of 1982

Vol. 34 Ceramics of the Minority People: Guangxi, Guizhou, Hellongjiang & Xinjiang

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Porcelain of the National Palace Museum

Total 33 vols / 39.2 x 27.6 cm / Hardback / HK$100,000.00 per set
鈞 窯
清彩瓷(2 vols)

哥(2 vols)
清雍正琺瑯彩瓷(2 vols)
明清瓷(3 vols)

定(2 vols)
清青花瓷(2 vols)
明單色釉瓷(2 vols)
清乾隆琺瑯彩瓷(2 vols)
明青花瓷(7 vols)
南宋官(3 vols)