The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting

  • English: Chinese/English

  • 978-988-19493-2-5

  • The catalogue comes with 3 volumes.

  • HKD: $960.00

Following the work on Bei Shan Tang’s generous gift of Chinese calligraphy, zisha stoneware, stele inscriptions and ink rubbings, the Art Museum of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is presenting “The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting”, which features a selection of 120 ancient Chinese paintings donated or lent to the museum by Bei Shan Tang. The selected works, displayed in two phases, showcase the fine artistry and diverse styles of Chinese painting since the Song and Yuan dynasties. Divided into ten sections, including landscapes, bird-and-flower, religion, portraits, lady figures, Yangzhou, Guangdong, and works of women painters, the exhibits give full play to the exquisite crafts and designs of individual artists, as well as their times and artistic environments. Masterpieces like Tao Xuan’s (fl. 14th century) Pavilion against Distant Mountains, Wen Boren’s (1502–1575) River and Mountains in Mist, Dong Qichang’s (1555–1636) Landscapes after Various Masters, Gong Xian’s (1618–1689) Swallow Rock, Shitao’s (1642–1707) Fruits and Flowers in the Bei Shan Tang collection are highlighted, along with such rare gems as Shepherd Boy (attributed to Qi Xu, ca. 11th century), Lin Liang’s (ca. 1436–ca. 1487) Birds on a Pine Tree, and Wang Shizhen Composing Poems and Admiring Plum Blossoms (anon.) that are shown in public for the very first time. Together with the catalogue penned jointly by the students and teachers of the Department of Fine Arts, CUHK, this exhibition hopes to underscore the discerning taste and immense breadth of the Bei Shan Tang collection and enrich our insights into the history of Chinese painting.