Four Masters

fourmasters.JPG (26093 bytes) Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty
42 x 29 cm
Chinese & English Text
Published Date: 1996
ISBN: 962-7239-42-9
Deluxe: HK$3,500
ISBN 962-7239-41-0 
Cloth(HB): HK$3,000

The art of these four masters of the mid Ming period reached of a climax in the development of Chinese literate painting and the styles and mastery of brush and ink techniques also produced great influence on the posterity. With the passing of time, their arts still poses great artistic appeal to people.

The present catalogue which features a fine selection of works by the Four Masters of the Ming Dynasty in the collection of the Shanghai Museum is published by Tai Yip Company with the aim to further promote art and culture of China. The catalogue also includes four articles on different topics by renowned scholars and will serve to entertain art lovers and at the same time celebrate the completion of the Shanghai Museum.

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