Snuff Bottle


Page Author/Editor HK$ Price
Art of the Chinese Snuff Bottle 23 PB 63
Au Hang Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottle (C/ E) 265 HB 980
Chinese Snuff Bottle 74 Robert Kleiner HB 85
Chinese Snuff Bottles-A Miniature Art from the collection of Mary & George Bloch 442 Pg Kam-Chun HB 380
Imperial Connection 255 Humphrey K.F
HB 750
Masterpieces of Snuff Bottles in the Palace Museum 218 PB 375
Miniature World of a Snuff Bottle (C/ E) 202 PB 450
Snuff Bottle from China 291 Helen White HB 4,050
Snuff Bottles in the Collection of the National Palace Museum HB 480