Celestial Creations: Art of the Chinese the Cheng Xun Tang Collection 2 Volumes

  • Publisher : Chinese University of HK
  • Language: Chinese/ English
  • ISDN 978-9627101826
  • HK$ 980.00

In this two-volume catalogue, 395 items or 1,300 pieces of Chinese gold ornaments from the Shang to the Qing dynasties are featured. They are all selected from the renowned Cheng Xun Tang Collection. The catalogue aims at providing a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the art of Chinese goldsmith. Presented in the gold ornaments are rich motifs ranging from flowers and insects to legendary figures and auspicious symbols. Alongside religious patterns originated from Buddhism, Daoism or Tibetan art, there are also exotic designs imported from the Middle East and the West. The goldsmith techniques involve hammering, filigree, inlaying of gem stones and kingfisher feathers. In this catalogue all the gold ornaments are fully illustrated with detailed descriptive entries in both Chinese and English, mentioning comparable pieces excavated from an archaeological context or supplemented with sketch drawings. This two-volume catalogue published by the Art Museum, Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong will be an indispensable reference on Chinese gold ornament for years to come.。