China without Dragons: Rare Pieces from Oriental Ceramic Society Members

  • Language: English

  • ISBN:978-988-8272-18-1

  • HKD: $950.00

This fully illustrated and researched catalogue commemorates an exhibition of over 200 pieces of Chinese and related ceramics collected within the Oriental Ceramic Society of London. The selection spans the complete range from Neolithic to contemporary ceramics, from minor kilns in many different regions to the major kilns working for the court, and from pieces of academic interest to world-famous masterpieces. It privileges unusual and rarely seen artifacts and avoids well known, repetitive designs such as that of the dragon, which is so firmly identified with China that it has become a cliche of Chinese art. It aims to demonstrate the vast variety of wares and the inventiveness of Asian potters well beyond the classic confines. The catalogue is aimed at specialists as well as amateurs.