Fragrance Fills the Courtyard: Chinese Flower Paintings Through the Ages Special Exhibition

  • Published by Taiwan National Palace Museum
  • Chief Editor: Tan Yi-Ling, Liu Fang-Ru, Lin Li-Na
  • Language: Chinese
  • ISBN: 978-957-562-601-3
  • Softcover: HK$350

Paintings of flowers and birds,as well as figure paintings and paintings of landscapes had been the subject of choice by numerous Chinese artists. The beauty of flowers had inspired writers of the past and artists had often been keen on choosing it as a topic of selection. The NPM will hold the "Fragrance Fills the Courtyard: Chinese Flower Paintings Through the Ages Special Exhibition" from January to May of 2011. The exhibit will feature four sections:"Beautiful Scenes All Year Round","Formal Expressions of the Mind","Their Many Features in Painting",and"Auspicious Signs and Lucky Omens"."Beautiful Scenes All Year Round" selects flowers of the occasions,as well as flowers and trees at different times throughout the year to reflect the relationship between flowers and the four seasons."Formal Expressions of the Mind" delves into the construct in making flower paintings and creation of their background sceneries to study how artists displayed the elegance of flowers."Their Many Features in Painting" talks about the colors and shapes of flower paintings,analyzing how artists gave flowers a thriving new look with delicate ways of outline coloring and skillful ink smudges."Auspicious Signs and Lucky Omens" highlights the auspicious allegory of flowers. Accompanying this exhibit is an event catalogue,guiding readers on a spiritual tour of the famous flower paintings through the ages,understanding the beauty of these masterpieces by ancient artists.