Sotheby's Hong Kong Twenty Years

  • Jointly published by:

    • Sotheby's Hong Kong Ltd.
    • The Woods Publishing Co.

  • Introduction by Julian Thompson
  • Edited by Sotheby's Hong Kong
  • Exclusive distributor worldwide: Tai Yip Co.
  • HK$2,000.00

During the past twenty years Sotheby's Hong Kong has sold an extraordinary wealth of Chinese art including the finest Ming and Qing porcelain, works of art of all kinds, jadeite jewellery, carvings in nephrite and jadeite, modern Chinese paintings, China Trade paintings and snuff bottles. This book brings together the finest pieces in all these categories, recording the sale dates and the prices fetched, thereby providing a unique view of the development of the auction market in the finest Chinese art.

The introduction highlights the major collections which have been sold, including the Edward T. Chow Collection in 1980-81, the T. Y. Chao Private and Family Trust Collections in 1986-87, the Bernat Collection in 1988 and the British Rail Pension Fund Collection in 1989, with short accounts of how they were formed. Reference is also made to major individual pieces which have been sold, many for record prices. Completing the book is the album of photographs of the leading collectors and dealers who have participated in the auctions and the members of Sotheby's staff who have contributed to their success.